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Well-Integrity Solutions Designed Specifically for You

Our Mission

EXERO Well Integrity is a pure play cementing company committed to basin specific solutions, execution on location, and zero NPT for our clients

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  • Safety will always be our number one priority. A safety focused culture utilizing stop the job empowerment at all levels allows for safe execution and ownership of every job we perform.

  • EHS Insight is used to maintain employee training and certifications, hazard observations, on-site safety audits, and after action reviews. 

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  • Training, design, chemistry, and fit for purpose equipment position us to be your best cement service provider

  • Our location in Casper, WY has an industry leading bulk plant and full API lab allowing for quick on-site testing for any changes in well conditions, lost circulation, or blending requirements

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  • Client satisfaction in EXERO’s eyes means execution excellence.  We show up on time with the right equipment and materials to prevent NPT on location with no extra line items or fees on the invoice

  • Our commitment to our clients is to be the easiest service company in the industry to partner with through our dedication to doing what is right for your well

Our Mission

Solutions and Capabilities


  • Blending - EXERO's high capacity bulk plant is capable of blending complex slurries at 8,000 sks per day with zero emissions

  • Testing - Full service API lab capable of running everything from standard thickening time to complex tests including expansion, static gel strength, etc

  • Maintenance - Full service inhouse maintenance shop

  • Pumps - Combination of high horsepower double pumps and small footprint single pumps


  • DJ Basin Primary Cementing

    • Enhances Mud Removal​​​

    • Improved Bonding and CBL Response

    • Reduced Risk of Bradenhead Pressure


  • Powder River Basin Primary Cementing

    • Ensure Cement to Surface and Prevent Fallback on Surface Casing

    • LCM Technologies and Lightweight Cements Available to Improve Top of Cement on Intermediate Casings

    • Lateral Optimized Slurries for Production Casings

  • Remedial Cementing

    • Neat Cement P&A Solutions from 80 Deg F to 300 Deg F

    • Extremely Fast Setting Low Temperature Cement for Bradenhead Pressure Remediation

    • Customized Fluid Loss Control Slurries for Complex Squeeze Operations

    • Direct Sales of Bulk Blended Cement for Pumping with Turnkey P&A Providers

About Us

Who We Are

After working for a major services company and seeing the current state of the cementing industry, EXERO's management wanted to change the experience operators receive through providing a personalized relationship.

  • Clarity and honesty in bidding and ensuring the invoice matches what was pumped

  • Quick decision making made possible by management engagement with clients and crews

  • Members of the Rockies oil and gas community that are committed to the success of local safe and clean energy production

  • Dedicated to providing the best solutions for your wells without corporate directives or gimmicks to promote internal objectives

Your EXERO Management Team

This team will ensure your job goes smooth from planning to post job reporting

            Elizabeth Sones        Matt Hudson          Cheve Meyer          Tim Baird

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Rock Solid Well Integrity Solutions



Headquarters Office

7175 W. Jefferson Ave

Suite 2500

Denver, CO 80235

Operations Offices

Rockies Division

350 Dwyer Dr.                        

Mills, WY 82644                    

307-333-0003 Dispatch                              

Eagleford Division

15931 I-35

Moore, TX 78057                    

830-428-3232 Dispatch                               


Contact Us


Contact Us

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To apply for a job with EXERO Well Integrity, please send a resume to:


EXERO Is Hiring:

Casper, WY & Moore, TX:

  • Class A CDL Holders, Experienced Cement Supervisors and Operators

  • Lab Technician

  • Mechanic

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